Alfred Workflow for a New Outlook Mail Message

What you need:

This one's for all the corportate folks using Macs. I use Outlook for my work email because we are on an Exchange Server and it provides a bit more functionality for Exchange than, which is my main mail app.

Alfred is one of my most used Mac utilities. It makes app switching and launching incredibly fast, and with the new Powerpack, allows the creation of workflows that add even more speed to your Mac game. If you aren't using it, stop right now and go download it here, it's a life changer for sure. If you can afford it, go ahead and get the Powerpack too so that you can have the workflow functionality.

I'm always trying to find more efficient ways to work with my Mac, and I knew with a bit of AppleScript and Alfred action I could at least incorporate Outlook into my workflow. So, I created an Alfred workflow to create a new mail message in Outlook, which makes composing a new email message incredibly quick. Once you install the workflow, type "newout", hit enter, and you are good to go! I hope it at least somewhat helps you navigate the dark waters that is the Microsoft Office Suite for Mac and adds a bit of efficiency to your day.

Download the workflow here.

PS: the good folks at the Mac Power Users podcast, David Sparks and Katie Floyd did a whole episode on the Alfred 2. Tons of good stuff, check it out here