Using the iOS Searchbar as an App Launcher

Alfred is a integral app in how I use my Mac. I launch apps, append text files, search Spotify, and much more. It's something I definitely miss if I am using a Mac without it. 

I've been experimenting lately with using the Searchbar in iOS as a sort of app launcher, and it's been working really well. Just like learning to use the shortcut you assign to Alfred or Launchbar (or any shortcut for that matter) it takes some time to get used to, but now I use it all the time. I can launch apps, search across music, contacts, email, and other areas of my iPhone, and much more. Whether you've got 10 pages of apps or have neatly organized folders, using the search bar as a app launcher / master search on iOS really speeds up system navigation and overall provides a quick way to get to the app, song, email, or web search you want.

To access the Searchbar, just drag down on any page of apps on your iPhone and search away.